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Reenu Sharma

Diploma in Business Managment

MA in Counselling Psychology

I am a woman, a mother , a wife , a seeker and an eternal student at heart who likes to make a difference through my work and actions.

I spent my 20s in business management and corporate jobs, which left me quite disillusioned. So, I quit that and spent the next few years trying different professions, but my heart was not in any of them. I moved to Europe; spent seven years in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where I worked very closely with many agencies and NGOs, who were doing some great work with war trauma victims and survivors like people with Depression, PTSD,  cancer patients and terminally ill patients.

I worked with these NGOs for seven years, and the positive difference that I was able to make in so many lives gave me immense satisfaction and made me realise that my heart lies in connecting with people. And then, I went to Colombia and worked with prison inmates and street children, which sort of cemented the idea that human connection is my strength and my calling. When I returned to India, I completed my masters in counselling psychology and started working with families and children with cancer.

I think my patients would describe me as warm and trustworthy. They come to me when they can't take it anymore, when they want an objective and clear-headed professional, who will guide but not judge, to share and pour their heart out so that they feel light and then go back to living their life. 

At the end of my sessions, they feel confident in their abilities and decisions, relieved, find the strength in navigating through their tough times, and they also feel heard and understood.

Certifications & Trainings

Certified Reiki Grandmaster 
sexual abuse.png
Sexual Abuse in Childhood
Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla (2011)
art therapy.png
Art Therapy -Secret Language of Artistic Painting
Academy "de Wervel", The Netherlands (2011)
Non-violent Communication
Dr Verena Jeghar,
Switzerland (2011)
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