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I was the proverbial Hamster on the wheel, rushing through my life, working like crazy with no direction.
Reenu came into my life like a breath of fresh air, making
Me pause and think about how I was busy being busy while Life passed me by.
She showed me how my life could be different, more fulfilling and meaningful.
After working with her for many months, gradually I found myself living the life that I wanted and needed to live - stronger relationships, more productive but peaceful and happy.

I am grateful to have her in my life and I wish that more people can work with her for a better life !

 Dr. Tejal Lathia

I look forward  to a session with Reenu each time, I feel that someone is really patient enough to listen and hear me out with a non judgmental attitude. She develops  one to look at things with different perspectives and prepares  you to accept yourself the way you are, while ensuring the harmony within your ecosystem . I found myself to be more evolved and a more confident and empowered person than yesterday.

Sonali Kadam

While I was critically covid infected and in the ICU, I was feeling miserable and losing hope.. But then got a call from Ms Reenu Sharma, she understood my anxieties & convinced me that staying receptive, calm & positive is the only way to deal. A short call from her changed my mind set, motivated me to fight back, regain control of my situation and recover faster. Highly recommend

Mahendra Kumar Sharma

I was blown away by the abundance counselling given to me and my family by Dr. Reenu Sharma when my husband was hospitalised for Covid treatment .I will always remember how she made me confident to be able to deal with this difficult situation .

Aneeta Sharma

"Liberating" is the word which I would use to describe my consultation sessions with Reenu . I had major anxiety and stress management issues when I started my sessions with her. She helped me in introspecting myself. She always listened to me effectively and understood my point of view without any judgements. She fostered a safe and trusting environment which led me to open up with her about my fears and doubts. Within a few weeks, I could see the difference in myself. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend her." 


It is always refreshing to talk to Reenu. After having bad experiences with other counsellors and psychologists, I had become sceptical about opening up to anyone. With her, it seemed like talking to an old friend who doesn't judge you and says it like it is.


I am writing about my experience: The day I visited you the 1st time was unclear, confused, sad, broken at heart so many mixed feelings together. I was not sure how I was going to talk about my life, problems,  personal experiences to an unknown person. I clearly remember when I came to meet u I was not sure I should be there or just go away. I made up my mind thinking let's meet once then decide.
When I met u first u made me so comfortable to talk that i opened my heart to u. U heard me, understood my point of view, did not judge me. We met for a few more sessions and both of us could feel I am improving my mental health. My thoughts were more clear, I started becoming positive towards life and independent too. Except u nobody understood that mental health is important and I need help in it.
 Now though sessions are over I still recollect u many times and any of my small achievements ( mental health related) I do think about u, may not share with u. But I do recollect u and think if u come to know about it u will be happy and proud of me.
 I feel connected to u :) and feel good that if I need support u are there. Thank u for everything.


We all try to be strong in our lives. But there are times when you feel you're sinking and need to be pulled out from the depths. That was what Reenu did for me. She showed me not just why but how I needed to cut back a bit, to draw boundaries. It took time but my head space is clearer now. Thanks a lot again.


My friend,guide and mentor Reenu has always helped me make my life simpler and better.
I have learnt Reiki and I can feel the difference with that in my body and mind.
Her counseling sessions are also very helpful. She has calmness and a very soothing nature which helps connect faster.
She’s one of the best coaches i have ever met.


Mrs. Reenu Sharma's guidance through rough times helped me survive the most difficult periods of my life. Only due to her professional and skilled advocacy and tasks ascribed to me by her did I manage to realize and see myself and my life circumstances from a different perspective. She guided me through my traumatic experiences safely and firmly at the same time. Thank you Reenu for being in my life.

E. Martic

I recently consulted Reenu ma'am. I have been stressed lately regarding ups and downs that I faced in life. The pandemic and lockdown made it worse.I felt like I have lost control and realized that I need help. I was not sure how talking about my worries to a total stranger would help me?
But after consulting Reenu ma'am, my thoughts changed. She made me feel so comfortable that the things I couldn't share with anyone I did not hesitate to tell her. Her understanding and her patience helped me heal bit by bit as I poured  my heart out to her.
Life is not easy, it's unfair and sometimes your own people can't understand. In turbulent times we need people like Reenu ma'am, who will not only understand you but also support without judging you.
Sometimes, we need a helping hand. And that's completely ok. Don't feel you are weak, it will only make you stronger than before.
It was more of a friendly conversation than a counseling session.
Thank you ma'am for your help and support.
Much love!!!


Personally me coming across you at the time  in my life was truly destined. Reenu your aura is so calming and soothing which itself brought about peace to me knowing that I'm at the right place. You give enough time to vent out and listen so patiently, pausing to ask the right questions which bring about the clarity as we hear ourselves speak. There's this warmth to you that makes a person feel comfortable and secure that the issue at hand will be resolved. You help us look within ourselves without making us realize we ourselves have the solution to the problem at hand. Stay blessed beautiful soul.


My experience with Reenu has been a healthy transformation and positive diet for mind. A good introspection and practical approach towards life and self being. I am glad for the time spent. 

Sonali Shriram

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